Be A Smart Spinner

YoVille News DefaultThat’s right, a smart spinning, yo-cash, yo-coin, energy winning Gold Rush spinner.

If you are lucky enough to have wracked up lots of free spins, you’ll want to make the most of your energy too! If you have saved up your Coffee’s (worth 5 energy) Cappuccino’s (worth 10 energy) Espresso’s (worth 15 energy) and Nitro’s (worth 25 energy) a smart spinner will use those for spinning the Gold Rush wheel and not tap into the full energy refill won on the wheel.

Here’s what you do:

When you win an energy refill…use it to go clock in. Depending on your level at the factory and how many workers you have there, you can earn up to 1800 coins…even if you only earn 300 coins, at least you can clock in without depleting your cache of saved energy drinks and you are guaranteed at least 300 coins and not another fishing pole light!

Now, DON’T leave the factory…

Click on the work station so that you have the option to get energy…choose the Cappuccino or plain coffee if you have lots of those because those use the least amount of energy…now you have enough energy to go back to spinning…and you won’t have had to go into your inventory to use up 3 at a time!

Stay at the factory and do your spinning from there…

If the Gold Rush wheel isn’t showing, here’s how to get it back:

Click whatever is showing there, if it’s the subscribe button, click it and choose
‘not now’ or if it’s to send gifts, click it and X out…soon the wheel will be back up…spinning from the Factory keeps you from having to run all around, wasting time that could be spent spinning.

Happy spinning YoVillian’s…hope YOU WINS A MOUNTAIN of Yo-Cash and lots of free spins!

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