How To Series: Finding The Links To Your Hidden YoVille Rooms!

YoVille How To SeriesDid you know that some homes in YoVille have hidden rooms? Some YoVille homes have rooms that are there, and that are usable, but do not actually have doors. No one really knows why the developers do this. Do they simply forget to add a door?

Either way, if you have one of these homes you may wonder how you can access your hidden rooms. In this How-To article, we will list the homes with known hidden rooms and tell you the steps you need to follow to find the link you need to access your hidden room.

YoVille homes that have hidden rooms

There are four known homes with hidden rooms, these are the LakeFront home, the Southern Mansion, the Japanese Villa and the Mystic Fortress. If you have any of these homes you can use the follow instructions to access your hidden rooms.

Finding the links to hidden rooms

1. Go to your Yoville.com profile.

2. Click “Homes”


3. Locate and click on one of the three homes listed.

Lakefront homeSouthernMansionJapanese Villa

4. Scroll down until you see your rooms.

5. This step is different for each home. You need to find and click on the hidden room. To do so follow these directions.

  • For the Lake Front home –count to the Sixth room (left to right, top to bottom) and click it.

Click photo to enlarge.


  • For the Southern Mansion — count to the Fourth room (left to right, top to bottom) and click it.

Click photo to enlarge.

Southern Mansion

  • For the Japanese Villa — scroll down and click to view the second page and click on the fourth (and last) room on the second page.

Click photo to enlarge.

Japanese Villa

  • For the Mystic Fortress — count to the 7th room (left to right, top to bottom) and click it.

Click photo to enlarge.

Mystic Fortress

Mystic Fortress rooms


Because these rooms are hidden they are unedited, meaning you haven’t accessed and decorated them. They will not look like “Rooms”, but will instead appear as a sign that says “Image not Found”.

Image not found

6. You will see a pop-up of your room. Now click “Visit this room”. (Most of you all know that visiting no longer works from YoVille.com, but this is one of the important steps.

Click photo to enlarge.

Visit this room

7. Now comes the important part. In the address bar you will need to copy everything after the ? (question mark), but not the question mark itself. Here is an example link you will copy the red bold part.


Click photo to enlarge.

address bar

Using the link

Now that you have the link to your room you simply need to  load YoVille and paste that code. Here are those steps:

  1. Load YoVille on Facebook.
  2. In the address bar highlight and delete everything after the “?” (question mark) leaving the question mark itself.
  3. Now paste the code you got from YoVille.com and hit ENTER in your keyboard.

Your YoVille will refresh and you will load inside your hidden room! How exciting is that? You should then highlight and save that entire address for future access or purchase some teleport doors to install.

In addition, you can use these same steps for gifting your YoVille friends from the YoVille.com Forums and adding your “keys” to your signature on the forums as well.

Did you know that there were hidden rooms in YoVille? Do you own any of the homes with hidden rooms? If you hadn’t already, will you use these steps to access your hidden room? Feel free to share with us some additional tips you may have in the comment section below.

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