PokerAgent Botnet Stole Over 16,000 Facebook Credentials

800 computers were infected! [Read more...]

YoVille VIP Membership Is Here!

YoVille News DefaultToday Zynga announces the introduction of VIP Membership. but before anyone gets too excited – it’s just a fancy way of saying ‘pay to play’! [Read more...]

Facebook Platform Issues Have Users Waiting, Re-posting And Trying Again

fbnews-copyOver the last few days Facebook and other social media sites like Twitter have been buzzing about Facebook glitches.
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Zynga Payments Page Going Under Maintenance

Zygna NewsRecently Zynga’s support page under went maintenance. We are happy to report that Zynga support is now back up, you can now submit your questions  HERE. However, Zynga is not quite done doing maintenance yet.

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