Spies vs SuperVillains Espionage Looks Contest Winners!

Zynga announces the winners of the Spies vs SuperVillains Espionage Looks Contest! [Read more...]

Spies vs SuperVillains Hottest Looks Contest Winners!

The winner’s for the “Hottest Looks” contest have now been revealed! [Read more...]

Zynga Gives YoVillians A Surprise Free Gift!

A free ‘Animated Cunning Cat’ awaits everyone when they log in today! [Read more...]

New Waterfall Lobby Avenue Released!

Zynga releases a Spies vs SuperVillains avenue! [Read more...]

New: Spies Robot Widget Collectible

Widget ArtThe Spies mini-theme delivered a brand new widget collectible to the factory for us to craft. [Read more...]

Spies Vs SuperVillains Espionage Design Contest

Do you like to make a scene? Well now you can do it with a view to winning a wad of YoCash in this all new contest. [Read more...]

Spies Vs SuperVillains Hottest Looks Contest

A great new contest for all you fashionista’s and fashion-misters to try your luck at. Who’s hot and who’s not? [Read more...]

Spies Vs SuperVillains Furniture, Hair & Accessories Day 3

A further release of items for the Spies Vs SuperVillains mini theme has arrived in store. What will await us today from this wondrous theme? [Read more...]

No Release – No Fun

YoVille News DefaultWith no release today, many YoVillians are truly unhappy! [Read more...]

The Spies vs SuperVillains Tweet & Tag Contest!!!

YoVillians, Tweet & Tag is back!  It only takes a moment and you could win awesome prizes! [Read more...]