Beware: Beauty Mark Scam

As prices keep increasing, scammers devise more and more ways to get ahead in the game–stealing from and deceiving a lot of Yoville players. We have received numerous reports about a new scam that Yovillians have fallen victim of–the beauty mark scam. This is an illustration

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A Huge Heatwave of Items Just Arrived in Yoville!

Get your Pool Part House ready for more Summer Fun because all new hot Summer Furniture just made its way to the store! Bring out the true summer vibe in your house with these warm furniture colors! Keep reading to see these hot hot items! [Read more...]

911: A Panda Needs Your Help!

Oh no! A sad little panda is all alone! Help take care of him, and be sure to watch out for him around Yoville! Keep reading to see how you can help him!

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Group Buying: Buy Yocash Items for Coins Cheap!

Finally! A new feature that will enable us to buy yocash items using coins is coming to the Yoville stores very very soon! No need to fight off each other in sales! No need to sulk in the corner due to high yocash rates! For real! Keep reading to see how this will work.

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Hollywood: Behind the Scenes! Coming Soon!

Have you always wanted a Backstage Pass? A behind-the-scenes exclusive on what really goes on in Hollywood Movies? Well, soon you can! Because Yoville is coming out with tons of Hollywood Sets to let you experience what it’s like to work Behind the Scenes! Read more to see pictures!

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