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YoRehab is the first and number #1 YoWorld Price Guide. Made for the players and by the players

Trading Templates

Directions: Click on the photo template you want to enlarge it. Right click on the image and click “Save Image As”. Open your new photo in your paint program. Locate the item you wish to sell/buy on the YoRehab Priceguide. Right click on the photo of your item and “Copy the Image”. Go back to your paint program and “Paste” your photo onto the template. Move your photo into the box of your choice. Use the “text” tool to insert your price and server. Happy Trading!

Click HERE to download all the Templates at once.


Made by Fans:

Credits: SoSo Yov                       Credits: Nero Wilkinson           Credits: Tay Jones

Credits:  Marc Yed YPY          Credits:  Jam Lee                   Credits:  Jam Lee



Credits:  Jam Lee