Agents Journal: I Am So Not Feeling The (Week Of Player) Love!

Dear Journal… This was supposed to be player appreciation week, but right now I really do not feel very appreciated.

So… Zynga appreciates all its loyal players. So much so, that they decided to give us another ‘player appreciation’ week. This time it was called the Week Of Player Love. Well, I am sorry, Zynga, but right now I am not feeling very loved!

At the beginning of last week, Zynga posted a blog, telling us all about what it had in store for us over the coming week. At first sight it did, indeed, look impressive. Unfortunately, as the week unrolled, things no longer seemed as spectacular as I first thought.

Wednesday, we were promised a, and I quote, “special something” when logging into the game. We got an ‘Australia Goanna Statue’! What the? Okay, if it had been a prize in the raffle, then fair enough, but to describe it as being special is extracting the urine just a bit! It’s a lump of carved wood for heaven’s sake! It’s not animated, and you cannot even sit on it! Real life Goannas are magnificent creatures, but this ‘thing’ beggars belief. I am totally underwhelmed by Zynga’s generosity!

Thursday, we were promised yet another special free gift. This time we got an ‘Australia Personal Chef’ which has been compared to Curtis Stone. It’s not an unpleasant item – click it and the eyes blink – and yes, in this case I can use it, but I really am not sure it fits the category ‘special’. We are probably talking 2499 YoCoins if it was in store.

Thursday also saw the start of two days of ‘Gold Rush’. Spin the wheel, and see what prize the arrow lands on. Okay, so just one little thing – you have to use three energy from your energy bar for each spin, and you have to request spins from friends or pay 1 YoCash for three spins. The prizes are ‘okay’ but nothing spectacular. At best you could win 1,500 YoCoins or… wait for it…a whole YoCash! I did get a few YoCash, but far too many fishing lamps for my liking!

Now it may be a total coincidence, but since the week started, more and more people are reporting in game glitches. Both I and many of my friends have been getting a pop-up saying that we have reached the four gift daily limit, even though we have not sent anything yet. Other players are noticing an increase in lag. Unfortunately, contacting support has not achieved anything. ..

But I digress… Back to Week of Player Love!

We come to Friday… I came in from work today to find a Backroom Blackout collectible in my inventory. This was given to me as a ‘reward’ for being a VIP member. I have since discovered that it is in the collectible section of the furniture store and costs 22 YoCash. So… I am pleased to get something of reasonable value, but I feel sad for those players who still spend a fair bit of real money, buying YoCash, who will have to fork out for this. They should be appreciated too. Could Zynga not have given them their own collectible – perhaps a YoCoins one? Or how about a game card promotion? I am sure they could have had something nice for those who bought YoCash cards during the week.

We saw the release of the Zodiac yobers. They are nice – some have good animation – but 15 YoCash? A bit steep, don’t you think? I am still trying to decide whether to bother or not, but they are on a time, so I’ll have to make my mind up soon.

The second day of the Gold Rush has been a bit of a disaster, too. So far today I have deleted over 30 Australia Fishing Lamps! You really can have too much of a good (?) thing! *sigh*

There was also mention of flash mob events with Purple Ninja visiting, but a lot of people missed out because of the time zones. One of my friends went to a flash mob event and did get a present from Purple Ninja ,though – a wooden rocking horse!

What the?  Looks like Purple Ninja has found a new way to offload her junk – gift them to poor unsuspecting YoVillians!

Today is Saturday, and the last few hours of the Gold Rush spins. YoVillians are eagerly awaiting the release of the first and second place Australia design contest winners and the release of the Unisex hat and handheld contest winners. All in all it has been an okay week, but in fairness, Zynga,  it could have been a lot better!

Alby x

What did you think of this weeks ‘Week of Player Love’ events? Did you like the free gifts, or do you think they could have been better? what about the VIP gift. Were you lucky enough to get one? If not, would you be willing to pay YoCash for it? How would you have improved on what we were given this week? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below, and thank-you for continuing to support YoRehab.


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