Hide And Seek But Not Found

Hide and Seek defaultNormally, we would have our game of Hide and Seek that YoVille places on the bottom of our screen.

Today many were upset due to the fact that, hide and seek is really being searched for, since our icon was taken away. Without notice, the icon was taken off of YoVille. Soon the reports of the missing icon were hitting forums. The YoVillians are upset with this, simply because many of them play and would like to receive their prize. Some had no idea Hide and Seek was around and didn’t even get the chance to play. Why would they take away a game so many people enjoy to play? Purple Ninja simply stated this-

You can comment on this issue on this thread that was posted- Hide and Seek here and Gone

No explanation as towards those who are awaiting their prize or wanted to continue playing. As usual there is another “issue” with something else in game. Luckily, not many had even had the chance to play, since it was only in game 30mins. For those who did receive the prize, they are not able to trade it or gift. Hopefully, Hide and Seek comes back soon, till then we can only wait!

Were you aware that Hide and Seek was taken down? Do you play Hide and Seek? Are you upset that it was removed without notice? We’d love to hear your feedback on the subject. Be sure you like, comment and share, so that everyone else can hear this news!

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