Hide And Seek Returns!

Hide and Seek defaultYoVillians are you ready for a game of Hide and Seek?

Are you wondering what the reward will be if you choose to participate in the mini game Hide and Seek? If you have answered yes to the above questions then you are surely in for some luck. When logging into YoVille today you will should receive a pop-up to invite you to play a mini game of Hide and Seek. However if you didn’t receive the memo then don’t fret because here at YoRehab we have got you covered!

Pictured below is the pop-up you should receive once entering game:


As pictured above all YoVillians that choose to participate will be receiving a “spies grappling.” Also like the picture says, in order to receive the prize you must hide the item and have them come seek it.

Now, here pictured below is the next pop-up you will receive that keeps track of how many hide and seeks you have:


Also, are you aware that your YoNeighbors can send you some extra help? Here below is a picture message you will receive if your time runs out when seeking in a friends YoHome for the spies grappling:


There’s no telling in how many days this hide and seek will last. So, be sure to complete your mission as quickly as you can before it leaves game.

YoVillians, will you be on the mission with a mini game of hide and seek? What do you think of the reward? Please share with us in the comment box below because here at YoRehab we’d love to hear from you! Also please be sure to like and share our articles on Facebook because we’d hate for all of your friends to miss out on all the great news!

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