High School And Labor Day Close Out Sale!

storeclosing - DefaultYoVillians did you notice when loading YoVille today there was a close out sale announced? If you didn’t see this sale notice when loading YoVille today then don’t fret, here at YoRehab we have got you covered! The High School themed and Labor Day plushies will be leaving stores within 4 days! However there is no discounts available on any of these items leaving! Pictured below is the message you should have received when loading YoVille:


With only 4 days of the high school theme you might want to stock up on all your wanted items for your class room, high school gymnasium, and more. The high school decor items can be found in the furniture store. Also be sure to check out the fashion store because high school attire will be leaving in 4 days as well! When it comes to labor day plushies you can find them in the gifts and flower shop available for purchase and categorized under plushies. YoVillians what do you think of this surprise close out sale? What do you think of there not being a discount on high school decor items, high school attire, and labor day plushies?

YoVillians were you hoping for these items to leave stores just yet to make room for new themes? What themes would you have maybe liked to leave stores before the high school and labor day theme items to leave? Do you think 4 days is enough time to buy the items that you would like to buy? Please share with us in the comment box below! We’d love to hear from you.

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