How to Contact Zynga Live Support

Zynga Live SupportPlayers across YoVille have discovered that Zynga now offers Live Support through Live Chat.

Although it’s still unknown if this new Zynga Support feature is available in all countries, we do want to let you know how it works.

In order to find Zynga’s live support, you will need to visit Zynga.com. Once there hover your mouse over the support tab at the top of the screen, and select YoVille. You need to take note of the larger picture located at the right hand corner of your screen. If you see a picture of an avatar with FarmVille animals, live support is not available at that time.

support unavailable

However, if support is available you will see a picture of two chefs whispering, with a button that says CHAT NOW. Simply click chat now and follow the steps, and you are all set to chat live with a customer support representative.

support available

It’s important to know that live support is not always available. It seems there is no set schedule, and in addition, the time that you have to wait to chat with a support representative will vary each time you contact them.

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