Is This The End Of YoVille On MySpace?

YoVille News DefaultAs MySpace opens it’s new site, where does that leave YoVillians who play there?

With the launch of the new MySpace site, YoVillians with YoVille accounts on MySpace are getting extremely worried. The new MySpace does not support games, so the big question is: where does that leave the YoVille players who have spent time, energy – and often real money- building up their little empires?

As of yet, there appears to be no announcement from either MySpace or Zynga, as to the future of YoVille on MySpace. Currently there is an option, when visiting MySpace, to go back to the old format, but how long this option is going to be made available is anyone’s guess.

A thread has been started by YoVillian Josh Allen over in the Discussions forum at yoville.com. People have requested in other threads, that Zynga transfer their accounts so that they do not lose them. Whether that can be done, is as yet, unknown, but it would probably be a major undertaking. Ideally, Zynga would have something in place whereby the accounts could be moved to the main gaming platform.

At the moment there is still a lot of uncertainly, but as soon as we hear anything, YoRehab will update YoVillians as to what, if anything, can be done to save their MySpace accounts.

In the meantime, here is a direct link to YoVille on the old MySpace site: Click here to play!

We know that many of you are actively transferring your items over to your Facebook accounts, just in case. Unfortunately that doesn’t save your homes which many of you will have paid for with YoCash. We really feel for you!

Do you play YoVille on MySpace? Is it your main account, and how much time, energy and money have you invested in it? If it is your main account, what will you do if YoVille closes on MySpace? Please share your views on this recent development in the comment box below. Here at YoRehab we hope that something can be sorted for you, and soon.

Please share this article so that Myspace players can be made aware of the changes to MySpace in time to hopefully save their items.

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