New Australia Releases: Kitchen & Deluxe Suite

Today sees more furniture releases for the Australia theme!

As we progress through the Australia theme, today Zynga releases items for the kitchen and deluxe suite.

In the kitchen, as well as furniture and appliances, we see an Australia Pavlova and a box of YoBix. Then in the deluxe suite we have a rather nice animated hollow fireplace, along with a drafting table and chair. All furniture releases have that traditional rustic feel to them!

VIP members, please don’t forget to check the VIP discount store for the latests additions!

Do you like today’s releases? Will you be buying anything from the kitchen or deluxe suite sections? Or is it not really your ‘thing’? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. Please also share this article so that your friends and family can see what has been released today.

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