New Mystery Cash Box Is Not Giftable/Tradeable!

YoVille News DefaultYoVillians are disappointed that the new mystery boxes cannot be gifted or traded!

When the Emerald City mystery cash boxes were released, many YoVillians were excited to discover that they could be gifted or traded. This was a first for YoVille. Now we have a new Spies vs SuperVillains mystery cash box, but this time it is neither giftable nor tradeable, and YoVillians are puzzled.

A thread was started in the forums, asking about the box, and Purple Ninja made the following comment:

It is probably due to the fact that they contain ONLY yocash. That cannot be traded/gifted.

This of course does not really make sense, since the previous boxes also contained YoCash, but were both giftable and tradeable.

There is a more logical explanation, though. If these boxes were tradeable, then YoVillians with multiple accounts could gift them all to their main account, and have a stash of YoCash. Zynga doesn’t want that. They want everyone to have just a little. Not quite enough to buy anything decent which may encourage the players to part with real cash to buy more YoCash. Alternatively, if the boxes were tradeable, players might buy them up to avoid spending real money on YoCash.

We do not know what impact the gifting and trading of the Emerald City mystery cash boxes had on Zynga’s revenue, but we are pretty sure that they will not repeat it in a hurry.

Are you disappointed that the new mystery cash box cannot be gifted or traded/ Are you also disappointed by the amount of YoCash which you received? Perhaps you have not received your mystery cash box yet? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. We love to read and share your feedback!


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