New Theme Exclusive Preview – Beverly Hills

new themeWith the Emerald City Theme leaving YoVille, it’s only natural to think we would be getting another awesome theme.

Welcome our soon to be New theme, Beverly Hills! How much more luxurious and high class could our theme be?! The amount of possibilities with this theme are endless. If you’re not quite sure what Beverly Hills is, it is a city in the county of Los Angeles, California. This theme will be based on the life of luxury, glitz and glam and high styled living. Beverly Hills is also known for Hollywood, one of the most famous and world renowned places for the filming industry. Beverly Hills has much to offer with many glamorous living styles and clothing. It is one of the most high fashioned and up to date styles. So if you like the life of luxury this will definitely be a theme for you to keep your eyes on. In the blog they gave us a preview of what our house will look like on YoVille. Here’s what you can expect to see from the new house:

There was also a thread started on the forums today, where you can comment what you think on this New theme soon to come. The Forums have a lot of buzz going on about the new Beverly Hills Theme and you can check it out and add your opinions if you wish! If you’d like to see the official blog it is now available for your viewing also.

We’re looking forward to this new theme soon to hit YoVille, are you ready for it? Will you be purchasing anything from this new glamorous theme? Do you think this theme will be a big hit? We’d love to hear your feedback, and all you have to do is comment and submit it below. Be sure to like and share so that your friends can also check out the new theme preview!

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