Ninja Sweepstakes Day 1 Winners Announced!

The very first Ninja Sweepstakes winners have been announced!

It’s Player week of Love and yesterday, we saw the start of the Ninja Sweepstakes where the Ninjas randomly pick 5 winners! Each winning YoVillian will receive 3 items of their choice that are still in stores.

Here are the lucky Day 1 winners:

Congratulate the lucky winners. we hope they enjoy their prizes. If you didn’t get picked, don’t worry. Today is a new day and you now have another chance to enter. The same rules apply as yesterday.

Just click here to post your wishes!

‘Good Luck’ to everyone who enters the next round of the Sweepstakes.  Just remember – you’ve got to be in it to win it!

Have you entered previous Ninja Sweepstakes? Did you win anything? Do you want to see more contests like this from YoVille? Please leave your comment in the message box below. We love to see people win!

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