Spies vs SuperVillains Furniture And Costumes Day 4!

Suit up and gear up for the mission to save the world. With the epic new gadgets available in game, nothing can now stop you!

Evil is still running through YoVille. Your mission is to infiltrate the SuperVillains and take them down with these new supplies your commander has given you.  Attention YoVillian spies! Gear up with the day 4 release of costumes and furniture for this Spies vs SuperVillains theme.  Located in the Clothing Store, Salon, and Furniture Store is where these new gadgets are available for purchase.

The best spies are suited up in the best combat and spy gear. At the Clothing store there are many more items added for this exclusive theme. Purchase the best detective’s robe and hat that all top Spies use. Or be glamorous with the leather jacket, shrugs, shirt, skirt and  hidden gun shoes for the hot female spy look. For the male spies, equip yourself with a laser jacket, gun holster pants, hat, and some night vision glasses.

Just like in the James Bond movies, all spies keep their hair nice and tight. Available in the Salon, there are 2 new styles available for purchase. For the males, get the  fly away spike hair and for the females, there is a crimped curly hair, all for 18  YoCash each.

Technology is what all spies need. For this release, 3 categories have been added to the Spies vs SuperVillains theme. These 3 new categories are called, Helipad, The Research Lab, and The Crater Hall. In the Helipad section, there are many fun items for a spy. Purchase the Spies space aircraft, airplane, floor beams, neon lights, spy drones, and much more. Also build your secret research lab for your spy home. Many interesting items in this section like the animated laser gates, rocket launch,  spy control  station and panel, armed guards and more. The last category is called The Crater Hall. Purchase these cool chairs, a guard,  ring table, lamps, and lots more. Remember to also check the Car Store for a new spy vehicle. You can find the Spies Hoover Scooter for only 34 YoCash. Hop on and show off this awesome ride!

We can’t forget to announce the collectibles part of this release. Get the Spies Animated Lava Trap for only 19,999 YoCoins or the Spies Interactive Hypnosis for 22 YoCash. Below are the items released today for Day 4: Spies vs SuperVillains theme.

So spies, what do you think of todays clothing, hair, and furniture release? What spy gadgets will you be purchasing from today’s release? Are you going YoBroke from all these epic items and clothing? Please share with us in the comment box below because here at YoRehab we’d love to hear from you! Please like and share our articles for all your YoFriends to see. We would hate for them to miss out on these limited time release.

Agent Jumba signing out!

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