Way To Hell Signs – Where Did They Come From?

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Lately, when logging onto YoVille, many of us have seen events selling this specific item at low to high prices. Some of these prices ranging from 25k, all the way to 300k. With that being said, many of us have no clue where this item originated, or why it is all of the sudden so popular in game. The actual name of these signs are “Halloween Sign Board”.

The answer on the origination of this item, however, may be shocking to you because of the current high prices. This item was actually a freebie, released during Halloween 2011. These were not coins, or YoCash. Anyone could obtain this item from opening a free mystery box from a neighbor. If this item was free, why the high prices? Why so much demand on a free item? These questions are common with many of us currently.

As we know, high demand and low supply equals high prices. This is a factor that causes unreleased item prices to skyrocket. The less people have it, the more people want it, and the more the prices go up! On YoVille Forums, fellow forumers have answered the question on why the prices of these signs are rising.

PatBB stated on YoVille Forums,

There were not that many released in the gift boxes, they were even like 5K to 20K last year when they were released.

These signs were in fact in the halloween mystery box, but apparently very hard to come by. This leads back to earlier, low supply and high demand equals high prices, even if this item in fact was originally free. The high demand is more then likely coming from the current time of the year. Halloween will be arriving soon, and everyone wants to get their hands on some great decorating items! The popularity of these signs has risen, and fast. For people who do not own one of these signs, they may not know that these are animated. With a click, “way to hell”, which is written on the sign board, will light up in a fiery orange color, on and off. Perfect for anyones halloween room. The animation, mixed with the time of the year and low supply gives reasoning to the current prices.

When you speak of prices, as PatBB stated earlier, these signs were selling for 5-20k in 2011, when they were released free in the mystery boxes. Right now, you can see events ranging from 25k all the way to 300k. This is more commonly known as price jacking. People are taking an item like this which is currently wanted by everyone, and creating events in attempt to raise the price. Many YoVillians can currently find a sign like this for somewhere around 40k, and many of us already have many in stock.

Here is a picture of a “way to hell sign”, blinking in it’s bright orange color:





With all of the price jacking currently going on with this item, you may want to hold off until closer to Halloween. Patience will benefit you!


Do you own a Way To Hell sign? Do you plan on buying one of these signs? Have you bought one already? Did you know this sign was originally free? Answer below, and don’t forget to like and share!

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