Yoville known Bugs and Glitches

bugsandglitchesWe all have experienced the wide range of glitches that can happen in Yoville, and there are a lot that’s for sure.

But have you ever wondered exactly how many known bugs and glitches there are?

Well, we can tell you that Yoville.com has a list of 23 known bugs and glitches posted on the forum right as we speak. It’s hard to believe  that  they would continue  to  release hundreds  of  items  along with new features every week  with so many known issues. The list  of  acknowledged  bugs  and  glitches include problems that affect the entire game of Yoville. Things like, losing free gifts after accepting them, daily login bonus resetting, bear co-signing  not working, many issues with the new haunted mansion, people not getting factory pay or being unable to purchase yocash, and many many more.

Every single issue has the standard “We are working on it” response, which makes us wonder exactly how many people are working on it. While we know that glitches are just a fact of life in Yoville, we hope  that  they are truly working to resolve each issue in a timely manner.  To see a complete  list  of  all  the  known  bugs  and glitches  please  visit http://forums.yoville.com/showthread.php?999805-Known-Issues-List-Updated-10-10-10.

This all really begs the question–would you as a player be willing  to forgo a week of releases to have them focus on fixing the glitches? What if the glitches required Yoville to go offline for a day, would you be willing to not be able to play Yoville for an entire day in order for them to fix the bugs? Let  us  know  your thoughts in the comment section below.

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