Zynga Online GiftCards Not Sold Outside Of United States?

YoVille News DefaultAttention all YoVillians, are you a YoVillian that doesn’t live in the United States but would like to purchase an online Zynga giftcard?

When trying to purchase an online gift card are you not able to select a State or Country? Via the official YoVille forum a member by the name shell123 has made a post in regard to this matter. Also YoRehab’s very own writer Agent Alby responds to the thread and let’s us know that she is also having this same issue when it comes trying to purchase online gift cards. So let’s take a look at what these ladies had to say and here at YoRehab we sure do hope that a forum Ninja responds soon.

Posted below is a forum post made by shell123 explaining the issue that someone is having when trying to purchase an online Zynga gift card:

someone is trying to email me one and when they come to pay it keeps asking for a state yet they live in nz so there are not states they are all us states, can other countries no longer use this function?

Also here posted below is Agent Alby’s response in regards to this matter and who also resides outside of the United States. Let’s take a look at what she has to say:

I couldn’t get it to work for me either, and I am in the UK. It wouldn’t work through PayPal either. In the end I had to just wait for a flash sale.

 To see the official announcement by shell123 about purchasing online Zynga game cards and it doesn’t seem to be working outside of the United States please click here.
If you are a YoVillian that lives outside of the U.S. and you are having a problem with purchasing a Zynga game card, please add your feedback in the provided link above. Or you could always contact Zynga support on  this matter. Here at YoRehab we sure do hope that this feature that once worked starts working again soon for our friends outside of the states. We hope that this issue is addressed as soon as possible. If we receive any further notice as to why this feature is currently unavailable or as to when it’s going to be fixed. We will be sure to bring you an update.
YoVillians are you or a friend living outside of the United States having an issue in purchasing an online Zynga gift card? Was this a once feature for you that is no longer available at the moment? Please share with us in the comment box below. Here at YoRehab we’d love to hear from you. Also please be sure to like and share our articles on Facebook because we’d hate for  all of your friends to miss out on all the great news!


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