How To Series: Learn How To Take Screenshots The Easy Way!

YoVille How To SeriesFrom holding sales, reporting scams, or just plainly taking pictures with your friends, knowing how to take screenshots has not only been helpful, but essential as well, to many YoVille players.

Have you ever wondered how people are able to take screen captures or screenshots of their hangouts in YoVille? Or maybe some event they attended in the game? Well, look no further! Because we have the answers to your questions!

In this step by step guide, we will show you how to take screenshots using your PC (Windows OS) or Mac computer.

For Windows OS:

If you are a PC user there are a couple of ways for you to take screenshots. First we will tell you about a simple way that is something every PC user can do no matter what version of Windows OS they are using.

  1. You need to make sure that what you want to take a screenshot of is active in your screen. It has to be the one showing on your screen.
  2. Press the Print Screen button on your keyboard (PRTSC on some keyboards). This will copy that screen to your computers virtual clipboard.
  3. Load or open a photo editing program. Nearly every PC has the Paint program, so we are going to use that program in this example.
  4. Once you have your Paint program open you will need to paste your Screenshot. You can do this by pressing the CTRL button and the V button at the same time. (CRTL+V)
  5. You will then see your screen shot.
  6. Now you can use your photo editing program to edit out the information you do not want to share.
  7. Once you’ve edited the screenshot, just save it, and you’re now ready to share it with your friends!

Sounds pretty easy, doesn’t it? Here are a few screen shots from inside the Paint program.

Paint before paste
Paint after Paste
Paint Screen shot after Cropping

Now if you are using Windows Vista or Windows 7, there is a built in program called Snipping Tool that will make taking screen shots a breeze.  It’s a simple program to use, here is a short “how-to” video.

Once you’ve saved your screenshot from the Snipping tool you are ready to share that screenshot with your friends.

For Mac OS:

Now for our fans that have a Mac OS, there are five easy step standing between you and your screenshot. Just follow these five easy instructions and you will be a screenshot master in no time.

  1. Once on the screen you want to capture, simply press and hold the Apple key+ Shift+ 3.
  2. After releasing these keys, your cursor should have turned into a + symbol.
  3. Simply click on the part of the screen you want to capture .
  4. The screenshot will automatically save to your desktop.
  5. Then you simply edit the photo to your liking in any photo editing program.

It’s as easy as that!  You can now capture any screenshot you desire!

Did you find this article helpful? Did this article answer your questions? Do you think you will be able to take a screenshot of your own now? Tell us in the comment section below.

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