4Loot.com: Get Facebook Credits By Searching The Web And More!

4LootIt’s free, it’s easy, and it’s definitely legit! Have you been looking for legitimate ways of earning free Facebook Credits? Then, look no further! YoRehab trusts only 4Loot when it comes to free Facebook Credits, and has partnered up with it in order to introduce YoVille players to a new search engine wherein you can win Facebook Credits just by searching the web, referring a friend, answering quizzes, and more!

What is 4Loot?


4Loot is a new search engine that is free, and is very easy to use. You just need to search the web at 4Loot like you use any other search engine and you will win 4Loot coins from time to time. Once you have accumulated enough coins, you can convert them into Facebook Credits. The best thing about it? It has it’s own toolbar, which makes searching the web a million times easier! No need to open a new tab to search the web! Just use the toolbar, and search away!


Click HERE to head to the Facebook page.

Is 4Loot available in my country?

4Loot is only available in these countries: U.S., Canada, U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Australia and New Zealand

Is it a scam?


Definitely NOT! It’s legitimate! 4Loot works closely with Facebook and has been promoted on the official Facebook Credits page.

How can I win Facebook Credits?

There are lots of other ways to win! By trying some of the ways specified below, you can win coins, which you can redeem for Facebook Credits, or you can win Facebook Credits directly!

1. Search the web

By using 4Loot as a normal search engine, you will get coins, which you can then use to redeem for Facebook Credits. It’s important to know that you will only get coins when you use the search engine normally. Overdoing it will not earn you coins. Click HERE to know what search behavior will earn you coins.

2. Answer daily quizzes

4Loot offers a daily quiz which is a fun way to earn more coins.  They announce it at a random time each day and it is only open to a limited number of winners.  But, it’s a fun and easy trivia question. Click HERE to know how the daily quiz works.


3. Use the toolbar

The 4Loot Toolbar is a great way to earn more coins.  Sometimes, the daily quiz question is released through the toolbar.

4. Recruit a friend

Recruit a friend and you win when they win. Click HERE to know how to recruit a friend.


5. Daily Bonus

You can win up to 50 coins through 4Loot’s daily return bonus.  Just search on 4Loot for 5 days in a row and you’ll get a chance to Spin for up to 50 bonus coins.

6. Be the Weekly leader

4Loot is a great place to earn free Facebook Credits just for searching the web.  In addition to randomly winning coins as you search, you can win 50 Facebook Credits by topping their weekly leaderboard for coins won.

7. Random hourly winners

Earn 150 coins through the randomly selected hourly winner

Click HERE to find our more ways of earning Facebook Credits.

How can I go to 4Loot?

You may do so, by clicking HERE.

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