Glitch Report: Blue Retro Specks Appearing As Pink Retro Specks!

Glitch reportRecently, there has been reports in the YoVille Forum that the Blue Retro Specks’ name is appearing as Pink Retro Specks in the trade box, and in “Edit Appearance” mode.

No one knows yet why this is happening, but this is most probably just a glitch that should be fixed easily, especially now that the ninjas have already been informed about this. Here’s what Turquoise Ninja had to say about this new glitch:

“Thanks for the heads up. It probably won’t get changed immediately (it’s a Sunday), but I will poke someone about getting this corrected. For now, if you would kindly let your friends know to keep an eye out when purchasing this particular item, to make sure they get the proper color when they trade, that would be splendid. Thank you!”

How can I tell the difference between them?

To tell the difference between the two items you need to recognise the colour difference obviously and also the fact that the glitched Blue Retros has PINK in capital letters.

Here is the a picture of the the glitch in the trade box:

Here’s a video of the glitch in “Edit Appearance” mode:

As always, be very cautious while trading these items at the moment because we’re pretty sure that may players will take advantage of this glitch.

Have you experienced this glitch? How was it like? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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