Glitch Report: Spies Mystery Box Freebies Scale Issues

Glitch-ReportOn opening the new Spies Mystery Gift, you may be in for a surprise. Zynga’s age old scale problems surface again.

This is not so much a glitch, but a mistake or miscalculation. Every once in a while, it seems the Zynga employee currently working on released items loses his or her ruler and appears to take a wild guess at sizing new designed items. As you can see, again this did not work out too well. There is clearly a scale discrepancy with these items from the Spies Mystery box.

I don’t feel the need to point out what is wrong with the items in the picture with regards to scale because it becomes quite obvious when all the items are together in one picture that in relation to each other, the scale is quite wrong. Especially as the side table would most probably break if the hat were layed on top of it. The binoculars are quite a size too and would most definitely pull our poor unsuspecting avatars over if they tried to pick them up.

It never ceases to amaze me how Zynga can produce so many items, week in and week out that are consistent in size and scale, then once in a while throw out a crock that are mismatched. It’s a puzzle.  We are not sure if these items will be resized as they are only freebies and not actual saleable items, so in the meantime, just be careful where you lay your hats and binoculars.

Had you noticed the sizing issues with the new Spies freebies? Have you noticed sizing issues with other Yoville items in the past? How do you think this happens? We would love to hear your thoughts on this, please comment in the box below.

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