Zynga Needs To Start Selling Fig Leaves!

Glitch Report DefaultYoVillians are starting to find themselves naked when they try to buy new clothes!

YoRehab is starting to hear reports of YoVillians running around naked in YoVille! No, it’s not a deliberate thing created by layering too many lamps or whatever in a room to be rude, it’s a good old Zynga glitch.

The first reports of this phenomena can be found in this thread in the “Bug & Bug Reporting” section of the forum. Then further reports starting springing up all over Facebook.

Now it has happened to one of our Agents! The shame! Agent Alby slipped on her swimsuit and decided she needed a new pair of sandals. She went to the store and chose a pair, bought them and refreshed. Oh, the horror! From behind she was in her underwear, but from the front… she was naked!

We have covered Agent Alby’s decency, but she really has nothing on but a pair of sandals and her smile!

At first it was thought that it was just a glitch with the zodiac releases, and only when buying new clothes. However, some players are reporting that this happens even when they are just changing existing clothes. Some players don’t own any zodiac yobers, so that cannot be the reason in those cases. The incidents also appear to be random. Agent Alby tried changing clothes again, and all was well – until she tried changing them again, and the glitch returned.

Zynga, through the ninjas, are aware of the problem, so hopefully this will get sorted soon.

Are you having problems when trying to buy/change clothing? Have you suddenly become a reluctant nudist? Do you know of a way around this random glitch? Please leave your thoughts in the comment box below. We really appreciate your feedback!

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