YoVille Losing Players: What Will Happen To Our Yo Future?

YoVilleAs YoVille’s third birthday approaches Zynga shows no signs of slowing down. There are new features and items coming so quickly that it’s hard for many players to keep up. If you miss a day in YoVille you may just miss something epic, like the 24 hour Platinum sale.

But what’s really happening in YoVille behind the scenes? How many players are actually playing the game each month? Or each day? Is YoVille losing players, or gaining more?

Here are the YoVille statistics from Appdata.com:

YoVille Statistics

Monthly Active Users:

YoVille Statistics


Based on these statistics, there is no denying that some YoVille players are really not very active anymore. Now the only question is, how long will it all last?

Rumors and speculation whirl around the YoVille forums all the time about the active YoVille player numbers falling and that YoVille is coming to an end. Could this be true? Could the game that we all know and love just cease to exist just like that?

In a recent report from Time Magazine’s Techland, it would seem the answer to that question is no. Time Magazine’s Techland reports that while some Zynga games like Cityville have an active user count of around 90 million users a month, YoVille only has a meager seven million monthly users. In YoVille’s hay day it had a total of 19 million active users a month.  In a statement provided to Time Magazine’s Techland a Zynga official states the following about the decline of YoVille users and Zynga’s future plans for it and games like it:

“We have games fade in popularity, but we still know there is a set of very dedicated players. We add new content and continue to service them, but not as much at a level as high trafficked games,”

From this statement alone it would seem that while Zynga has no plans to do away with YoVille,  but they will be focusing their efforts on other more popular games. Perhaps this is why the forum community managers Platinum and Pink Ninja were moved to a new project? There is no way of knowing for sure.

As loyal YoVille players and fans we can only hope that Zynga doesn’t forget about the games it places on the back burner, so to speak. Heres hoping that being serviced less than the high trafficked games doesn’t mean that we will be forced to live with some glitches our entire Yo Lives.

What do think of the fact that due to lack of users YoVille will be serviced less than the more popular games? Do you feel that Zynga has already begun to service YoVille less? Feel free to share your thoughts with us below.

Source: Time Magazine’s Techland

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