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YoRehab is the first and number #1 YoWorld Price Guide. Made for the players and by the players

YoRehab Price Guide FAQ’s

YoRehab: The Best YoWorld Price Guide

Where do you get your prices?

  • We get our prices from constantly scouring in game trading events, forum trading posts, and trading pages in Facebook.

How do you come up with the prices/price ranges?

  • The price range we place on items are based on the lowest to the highest price players are willing to buy items for.
  • For example, if a rare item was seen by price guide agents selling for 20k minimum most of the time, and 25k maximum most of the time, we update the price of that item to 20-25k.

Why are some of the old items still not as expensive?

  • The price of an item does not depend on how old it is. The price depends on how much people are willing to buy that item for. So no matter how old an item is, if people do not buy them for higher prices, we cannot update its price.

I see people selling a certain item for 5M all the time, why don’t you update that item’s price to 5M then?

  • It is normal for people to always TRY to sell their items for a certain price–most of the time at prices much higher than what people would usually buy them for. However, even if sellers are trying to sell an item for 5M for example, but if players are not buying it for that price, we cannot and will not update the price to 5M.

Why are you dictating/controlling prices?

  • We at YoRehab do not ever dictate the prices of items. We never did, and we never will. Our Price Guide is merely a guide that you can use in order to get an idea of how much items are usually being bought for. The prices we place are based on how much you players like you are willing to buy items for.
  • Always remember that you are in control. You control the prices. As long as you don’t buy at high prices, we will not update. We only update once we see people buying at prices much higher than the prices listed in the Price Guide.

Why are prices of old items so high?

  • Prices of certain items are high simply because there is high demand for them. It’s the basic law of Supply and Demand. When the demand for an item is high, and there’s only very few of that item available in the market, it’s only normal for the price to go up.
  • As more players are willing to pay high to get certain items, it’s only natural for the price to go up.